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Halfords - Implementing new website using Salesforce

A case study covering the creation of a brand new website for Halfords.

Halfords is the UK’s largest automotive retail business, comprising of a number of automotive and cycling brands. Built around two distinct brands: Autocentres, one of the UK’s leading independent operators in vehicle, servicing, maintenance and repairs and Halfords Retail, the UK’s leading retailer of motoring, cycling and leisure products with a large network of stores around the UK and Ireland.

The Challenge

Having operated two distinct digital channels and websites, the retailer wanted to combine the customer experience into a single digital presence for both brands. The customer would be able to shop across both brands into a single joint shopping basket.

The Solution

Salesforce Commerce Cloud was selected as the target platform.

We established an integration team, to enable the new platform to interface with a significant number of legacy applications. The first goal of the team, was to build the platform based on Microsoft Azure Cloud services. Once complete, and handed over to Halfords Support, the next job was to build over 100 API-based interfaces, a new security model and a new performance monitoring suite.

The project was completed successfully in 9-months.

Services used:

  • New team, to enable the delivery of a micro services platform.

  • Co-located remote teams to enable the delivery of the 108 interfaces

  • Scrum and Kanban delivery models

  • Continuous integration

  • Automated testing